Web Development

Websites are what we do best. We believe it’s essential to make fast, functional and easy-to-use sites. With the growing numbers of people using the internet , along with smartphones and tablets no one can afford not to have a web presence, so we like to center what we do around your website.

Staying agile

Our approach to web development is agile and interactive: we get going quickly, listen to your needs, determine the right answer for unique products, services, and company personas. We don’t believe in spending your money writing long-winded project specifications and stuffy documentation that no-one will read beyond the development of the project. We would rather use the time to get the first release live, and develop the site based on actual user feedback rather than guess work.

Test driven development

We love to test because it encourages simple design and good quality maintainable code. Problems are caught earlier in the development thus reducing the amount of debugging required. New features can quickly be tested to detect conflicts with existing functionality. Test cases act as a living breathing specification that clearly define how the application should work.

Content management

Don’t worry about maintenance. We take care of adding whatever content you need with our monthly membership. Using a Content Management System (CMS) it takes no time all to add and subtract pages from your site while maintaining the design. If you would like to take care of your own site content we can set you up with the tools to keep your website up-to-date without the need for our input and we are always available to chat on the phone when you need us. Ultimately, it’s about delivering a solution at a level that you are comfortable with. After all, this is your site.

Open source CMS solutions:

These are the systems we use developing every site. We pick the CMS based on the needs and growth of your site.

Web Design

All Hellow Yellow website designs are based on your exact requirements and what user experience you need.

We start with the framework of which ever open-source CMS fits your needs best, along with thinking about usability and growth. From there we design with this framework in mind. God (or is it the devil?) is in the details and we like to be in complete charge over the design stages of the project to be sure the quality and planning is intact. We’re not control freaks (honest!) but an eye for detail is something we like to pride ourselves on.

Design isn’t just pushing pixels around a page or picking out pretty colors and fonts, it’s how you communicate your message to your customers. At Hellow Yellow we think we have the best blend of artistic ability and technical knowledge to help you. For this reason we’re not afraid to share our process or partnerships with you, we know it takes a lot more than directions and contacts to design a great website and we can you show that.

User experience

We hope you are interacting well with our site and are only moments away from getting in touch. UX is about presenting your message in a consistent and accessible way. Your design shouldn’t stand between your customers and your service. We strongly believe in the power of great design to help communicate your message, and we have the technical expertise to enhance that.

Content is king

Ultimately it’s the text content of your website that will appeal to your customers and that will help you get good ranking search engine result pages. We don’t write web copy here at Hellow Yellow however, we are happy to work with any existing copy you have and are happy to advise you. If you don’t want the challenge of writing your own web copy we have a team of professional copywriters whose services we can call on.


We really care about making websites and applications which are usable by every visitor. Why put up artificial barriers when, with a little planning up front, you can maximise your audience? Our sites are designed with common accessibility problems in mind, and use semantic markup so screen-readers can access your content easily.


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If you have an idea for a world-beating web application or think that you may be able to improve a business process through the web, then why not tell us about it?