Social Media Setup

Social Media and all of it’s jargon can be daunting to an already established business. No matter what you do, you can guarantee some of your customers use social media. We know our way around tweets, posts, status updates and check ins and we’ll be happy to help navigate you through and get you started with any social media of your choice. We advise and plan with our clients on what is best for their line business. You always want to set guidelines and goals on what is shared through social media and decide who in your business will be updating. We’ll get all of your pages setup with a design that matches your brand, when possible, to make start up easy and fast.

We know you’re busy so we can even update your social media for you when you don’t have time through our monthly membership. We advise all of our clients to contribute their own thoughts and updates to social media and we are always here to help when you have questions.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the new medium for reaching clients in as close to real-time as possible. While traditional marketing often focused on the “hard” or “soft” sell, Social Media Marketing eliminates much of the “Sell” altogether, instead focusing on having a conversation; both listening and responding to clients.

Modern consumers also have different expectations of what service is and what marketing should be. Consumers today are bombarded with anywhere from 200 – 250+ marketing messages per day. Today’s consumers are less interested in being sold to, and more interested in being heard. Social Media allows companies to listen to consumers and break down barriers to speak to the individual client. As may be expected, consumers are also more likely to purchase or interact with a product that has been referred by a friend, rather than on marketing alone. Through Social Media, consumers are now able to digitally see what their friends “like” and are more likely to “like” similar goods and services as a result.

We help our clients plan social media goals that compliment their business and market them better than just regular advertising alone.

Smarty Vet

We love pets and for that reason we love our vets. Inspired by our sister company we worked together to start the world’s first veterinary only aggregated news blog, Smarty Vet. We set out every week adding the latest articles relevant to veterinarians and their clients.

Updating social media has never been easier we simply hook the site into our Smarty Vet feed and voila! Fresh articles from popular sites update their site the moment we add them. Along with adding your own updates and articles, Smarty Vet is a great way to keep your site current and keep clients coming back to read more.

Visit Smarty Vet

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