Online Advertising

Word of mouth is the best advertising of all but advertising online is an essential tool to any brand or web campaign, especially when you’re a new business. Whether you choose to advertise on certain websites, browsers or with social media you always need to start with a plan and goals in mind. Advertising is more like a marathon than a sprint in order to get actual results you should keep advertising for several months.

Plans and Goals

We will help you plan and get you started with advertising choices that benefit your business the best. Advertising can be very expensive and we try to balance a good amount of free advertising with purchased all designed with your goals in mind.


Rather than a spray and pray approach we believe in picking the right demographics this will make any advertising campaign more relevant and more likely to result in new customers. Demographics can be customized in online advertising and can be narrowed down as directly as a 100 foot radius from your business. Figuring out demographics is a key role in planning any client’s strategy.

Free Advertising Ideas

Some advertising ideas you can do yourself and are as cheap as printing a piece of paper. We suggest you have your clients fill out a survey at least once a year rating your service and include the question “Would you recommend us to your family and friends?”. You can also reward loyal clients for sharing your information with friends and family with a referral discount or coupon. As always great customer service always speaks for itself.

Tracking results

Tracking your advertising results online is one thing, but it’s hard to tell when that advertising is resulting in new clients. So it is a good idea to ask your clients how they found out about you when they visit your business. We recommend if you don’t already do so to add the question “How did you hear about us?” to any form clients have to fill out once a year. This will give you a way to track your new advertising ventures and see if they are resulting in new clients.

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