Meet The Team

Big things come in small packages.

We may be a small business but we have big ambition and big ideas.

Sam Knapp


Sam Knapp

Sam has always been the type of person that is never satisfied with knowing how to do something, he must know why. This “need to know why things work” is a driving force behind the results he gets for Hellow Yellow. His willingness to teach and explain what we do puts our clients at ease and empowers them to join in our creative process.

During high school he split his attention between visual arts, culinary arts and automotive technologies. Eventually he decided that visual arts was the way to go and we’re glad he did. In 2001 he attended Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida where he met his wife Christina and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art degree. He also received his Master of Fine Arts Degree from Montclair State University. Following graduate school he went to work for an interactive agency as lead photographer and digital image editor.

With all his various experiences Sam is our own hybrid. If he’s not helping clients, he’s doing photography, website development and even 3-D animations. If it needs to be done he finds a way to do it.

Sam also loves to read…a lot. You will rarely find him without a book tucked into some pocket. When he isn’t working he still enjoys making photos and sculpture. He also loves making good food for friends (and clients) and playing with any furry four legged creatures.

Likes: Cooking, photography and traveling.
Dislikes: Cucumbers and temperatures above 70.


Christina Knapp

Christina graduated Ringling College of Art and Design in 2005 with a Bachelors of Fine Art degree in illustration. Since then she has worked in Roanoke, VA for Beck Media Group where she created a new art magazine and tba (the becher agency) where she designed the agency’s website building process. As Creative Director of Hellow Yellow she brings with her the experience of working with companies like Advanced Auto Parts, Medeco Security Locks, Atlas Air, The City of Roanoke, Click & Pledge, Branch Highways and United Way, just to name a few.

Her real passion still lays in the art of illustration and she uses those talents whenever possible. This is demonstrated in her love for logo design. She likes to hang out at art museums and travel the world with her husband Sam. When she can’t jet away she likes to draw, play with her cat Allora and cook international cuisine during her off time. She also takes pride in working on design for charities.

Likes: Wine, pre-prohibition Cocktails and sleeping late.
Dislikes: Cy Twombly’s work, cheese crackers and snow.


Gary Dobkin

We guess you can call Gary a business specialist. He started his first business in the 4th grade selling fat laces (RunDMC style) to other kids in his class. The administrators stopped him from doing that. But not to be deterred he went on to start (formerly pute!) now the largest veterinary IT firm in the country; with over 35 hospitals under management. Not bad for a company started with only $600. Their growth has been ridiculous and they now only accept six new member clients per year.

He grew up in the business world. His parents, both entrepreneurs, taught him the true value of client support and going the extra mile for each and every person. His mother, Greta, who started a flower nursery while on maternity leave with him on the way, always said that clients are family and you need to nurture and protect them as such. She also said, and we’re not paraphrasing, “don’t do things half assed” … so he doesn’t.

His father, Ronnie, who started his own welding school, taught him to be tough and never quit. He doesn’t. And even though he graduated from Binghamton University (SUNY) in New York; he is a University of South Florida football fan and season ticket holder. He’s also a Buffalo Bills apologist, go Bills! So, yeah, you might say football is his vice.

When Gary is not working on a new project (and this is rare), He is gardening, yes we said gardening.

Likes: Running, the NFL draft, and people driving in a straight line (Florida, we’re speaking to you).
Dislikes: Eggplant and wood paneling.


Jason Collins

Jason is a self taught computer guru with 15 years of experience in the IT industry. He worked his way up in a number of corporate businesses by delivering a wide range of top notch IT services with a special focus on client satisfaction. Jason ensures that he remains on the cutting edge of technology by reviewing a number of credible resources for a wide range of hardware, software, networking concerns, security, etc., so that he is able to offer a variety of creative and cost effective solutions depending on the business needs. Quality service and your satisfaction is always his number one priority.



Emily Chute

Emily is the glue that holds this whole outfit together, not to mention she also works for our sister company With this much ambition it’s no wonder we can’t function without her. From answering phones to keeping us on track with daily projects and reminding us we have meetings (this is on top of customer support and project coordination for mind you) she picks up the slack where ever it may be.