Email Campaigns

At Hellow Yellow we have our own campaign service set up through Campaign Monitor to collect emails from your website, send mass email and newsletters and monitor who opens them. We work with clients to plan and design monthly, weekly and even daily emails for their businesses. It’s essential to design and plan a campaign that fits with the business plan and works with your other advertising and online products to keep a consistent brand identity in mind.

Gain a following

We’ll start by collecting emails from your website or using existing email lists. When necessary we can even purchase email lists based on demographics though we prefer not to spam people sometimes it is a good a cheap form of advertising.

User experience

Your newsletter or email design shouldn’t stand between your customers and your service. We strongly believe in the power of great design to help communicate your message, and we will work hard to make sure your design is easy to use and works across several email applications.

Content is king

Ultimately it’s the text content of your email that will appeal to your customers and keep them interested in your service or product and reading other emails. We don’t write newsletter copy here at Hellow Yellow however, we are happy to work with any existing copy you have and are happy to advise you. If you don’t want the challenge of writing your own copy we have a team of professional copywriters whose services we can call on.

User Reports

Ultimately with campaigns it’s the results that matter. We’ll monitor several aspects of your campaign. The number of opens, click activity and sharing among receivers are just a few things we can follow. From there we can share with you what works and what doesn’t in your campaigns to improve user ratings.

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