Application Design

Have a great idea for an app? We have a great team of designers and programmers experienced in designing user interfaces for smartphone and tablet applications. While we design and plan everything in house we use Avalon Innovations and their experienced Apple and Android developers to get every application approved for sale and launch as quickly as possible.


Market research is a fancy way of saying “Look at what other people are doing and don’t make the same mistakes.” We work with clients to learn from the good, bad and ugly in the App Store. Whether you have a plan of what you want your app to do or just an idea, coming up with better creative solutions starts with analyzing other (maybe similar) applications and asking some of the basic questions below.

  • What problem does your app solve?
  • What products have we seen that perform a similar task?
  • How do successful apps present information to users?
  • How can we build on what works and make it unique?
  • What value does your app bring to your audience?


Already have an idea for your app? The first step is to make sure that idea is solid; and the second step is to answer the question: “Can it be successful?” Below are some of the questions we ask when planning an app prototype.

  • Does your app solve a unique problem?
  • Does the app serve a specific niche?
  • Does it make people laugh?
  • Are you building a better wheel?
  • Will the app be highly interactive?

Your app should always answer one of these questions before moving any further. We’ll help you design the rest.


Once the app plan is solid we start designing a framework and prototype. We’ll work closely with you testing the prototype to make sure it works with all of your goals in mind. This stage should move quickly since we like to spend all of our time in the research and planning processes. After we feel we have a solid product we’ll test the app with a select number of users (mostly friends) who can give us any feedback on function and overall experience. If we’re all ready to go we’ll send it off to the App Store for approval, this can take time but working with experienced Apple developers is the key to getting your app approved quickly.


Ready, set, go! So now what? We’ll need to start promoting your app right away whether it’s free or for purchase if no one sees it then it doesn’t matter. We work to start a marketing plan pre and post launch using anything from social media, email campaigns and advertising to get the word out.

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If you have an idea for a world-beating web application or think that you may be able to improve a business process through the web, then why not tell us about it?